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The Unmatchable Aroma- Chai Masala

Posted by Admin on August, 09, 2021

Tea is a highly appreciated flavoured drink around the world. It is intensely connected with the history and tradition of India as a popular beverage. Chai is India’s favourite good morning drink. The word “chai” is derived from Chinese vocabulary for tea, called as Cha. Almost every household in India has a separate love for chai at any time of the day. . A perfect blend of a cup of strong tea with dry organic spices that include green Cardamom, Cloves, Ground Ginger, Cinnamon, black peppercorns and Nutmeg for special therapeutic effect.

Chai Masala is the best way to give a unique flavour to the milky concoction, your masala tea. Sometimes the chai Masala loses the real flavour of spices due to grinding at high temperature. Hence, chai Masala manufacturers in India should carefully pick the best quality raw materials and grind them in the best way so that it doesn’t lose its natural aroma and flavour.

A cup of desi tea made from chai Masala tastes better and is healthy as well. It can be the best thing to have after a long tiring day as it works great in beating fatigue and revitalising the body.

Role of Ingredients of Chai Masala and associated Health Benefits

Ginger: It is a root plant which is used in raw, dried as well as powdered form which helps in supporting digestive health and is effective in treating cold and flu.

Cardamom: It gives both sweet and spicy flavour to your tea with a strong and intense aroma. It has anti-inflammatory properties that relaxes the stomach muscles along with some digestive properties which helps in fighting issues like gas and bloating.

Clove: This spice has immunity boosting properties which is effective in treating cough. Along with that it gives relief from cramps during the menstrual cycle.

Cinnamon: It is one of the oldest spices which have a sweet aroma with incredible health benefits like reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improving heart health. It is loaded with antioxidants and even boosts the body’s metabolic rate.

Black Peppercorns: It gives that unique spicy sip to your masala tea. Adding black pepper in chai Masala helps in treating sore throat and acts as an antibiotic due to the presence of Vitamin C.

Adding a high quality chai Masala to your regular tea is a decision you won’t regret. As chai Masala originated from India, there are a number of manufacturers in India to meet this huge demand.

Following are some of the crucial factors that the manufacturers always consider to retain their credibility in the market.

-They have a spacious manufacturing unit with modern techniques for production in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

-They always make sure that chai Masala is being produced with the finest and purest raw materials to ensure supreme quality is supplied in the market.

-The chai Masala manufacturers in India have enough capacity to meet the bulk requirements of the market on a timely basis.

-The products are passed through strict quality checks to ensure only the best products are being supplied.

-They maintain a transparent and true relationship with their customers by providing optimum quality products.

-They promised to offer the highest standard of products at market-leading prices.

Thus, on the whole it can be concluded that chai Masala is highly applauded by people for pampering their taste buds .

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